Brea CA Solar Carports

Solar Carports Brea CA

I just ran across an interesting article on EarthTechling. com. It seems the going green movement has made its way into the realm of carport manufacturing. Not only are carports designed with strength, durability, appearance, and flexibility in mind, now these steel structures can generate power with the inclusion of solar panels. Here is what one company is doing to take advantage of the climate and its citizens’ love of cars.“” San Francisco-based Build Group along with REC Solar just completed the first phase of their solar support canopy project—putting up 3.72 of the 6.8 megawatts of solar planned for the VA hospital’s carports. Once completed, the solar carport project will be the largest of its kind at a VA hospital campus in the U.S. To get such dense power, the design upped the per-unit watt of the installation by putting seven 240-watt solar panels on each T-structure, instead of the usual six, Build Group said. To make sure the installation stays put, the structure was built to withstand 85 mph winds.

Although this project is no doubt an expensive endeavor, no one can argue the potential merits of its design. The solar powered carport is an example of great innovation to incorporate renewable energy into the manufacturing process for these types of steel structures. And with the green movement in full swing, this nifty solution will certainly appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and corporations alike.

While it is too early to tell how successful and feasible the solar powered carport will be for the traditional carport manufacturer, it is nonetheless an intriguing concept. We will be watching this development closely to determine if these advanced models would be a smart choice for consumers.

Many homeowners find themselves looking for solar carports. Obviously, many homes are not equipped with a built-in garage to protect cars from sun, rain, tree sap, gifts from birds and all the other harmful elements that harm a car’s finish. . But they aren’t just for cars, or just for private homes for that matter—they are appropriate for any kind of structural need. People look to buy a carport for a variety of reasons:

⦁ for boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, campers, RV’s—all types of vehicles need protection

⦁ churches use them for buses and vans

⦁ machinery like riding lawn mowers and tractors

⦁ cover for picnic areas